Star Benefit Auctions will make your event a success!

  • Our experienced auctioneers can help your event be extremely productive, yet fun for all involved.
  • You can work hard on every detail of the event from invites to flowers and spend months planning your auction, but without an experienced professional auctioneer to work for you on the night of your event, you could be in trouble. What are you risking?
  • We provide a full team to work every angle of the live auction, and we even have a silent auction division that can run simultaneously.
  • You would never hire a podiatrist to do your heart surgery so hire a SPECIALIST for your benefit!
  • Your donations will be noticeably higher with our trained auction team.
  • Star Benefit Auctioneers are specifically trained to do benefit auctions. This is our specialty, not our hobby.
  • Let a professional be the representative the night of your event. Don’t spend time worrying about a volunteer auctioneer not showing or perhaps enjoying too much of the free beverages.
  • You can trust us to work for you and strive for your goals!
  • You do not need to worry about affording us. We pay for ourselves!
  • We have been hired to work all over the world but we are New York locals. We can provide an insight to your donors that only a local can provide.
  • In this economy we need to be sensitive to all groups. Inappropriate jokes or badgering can make guests feel uncomfortable. We provide a light and thankful atmosphere so your guests will all feel valued and excited as they leave your event.
  • We make your guests look forward to NEXT YEARS AUCTION!
  • We have plenty of exciting tricks up our sleeves!

Contact Us and see for yourself!