Founded in 2005 by Erin Ward, Star Benefit Auctions the first auction company in New York to focus solely on fundraising auctions. With a team of world-class auctioneers ready to partner with your organization, Star Benefit is sure to raise the bid at your next fundraising event.

Meet the team

Erin Ward

Founder, Star Benefit Auctions
Certified Benefit Auction Specialist
Professional Auctioneer

Read Erin's Letter To You Listen to Erin's Passion

Bobby D. Ehlert

Professional Auctioneer
World Automobile Auctioneer Champion
US Bidcalling Champion
Arizona State Bid Calling Championship

Jill Doherty

Professional Auctioneer
International Champion Auctioneer

Brielle Slate

Professional Auction Recorder
Public Relations Assistant

Jonathan Cuticelli

Professional Auctioneer
Professional Auction Assistant

Shannon Mays

Professional Auctioneer
International Champion Auctioneer
Certified Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS)
Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI)