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Can tell I’m excited you found our website?! When we created Star Benefit Auctions it was a time that there were only somewhere between 5-10 other fundraising auction companies in existence. Most nonprofits were using actors, friends/family (funny uncles), board members, comedians or basically anyone to conduct this crucial part of a night. Well to be fair about 15 years ago, when we founded, most nonprofits didn’t think much about their auction besides all the work it took to get the items and the guests. DDs, EDs, and their teams built great events and then sat in a corner with achy feet and fingers crossed that they would make enough money to cover the glaring funding they needed to raise to fix the problem in the world they were responsible for fixing. The auctioneer that was “hired” was a trick, or a fun gag, but not seen as an important person.

We felt there as something bigger, a purpose for this role beyond the fast fun talk and the cool games. There was more to what we could do. Here we were on the center stage, with these few moments of your guest's attention, where our party trick could draw attention and unite an audience. This is where my passion grew. How could we focus that time on the nonprofit? How could we get guests to come together? Some people would make jokes and turn guests against each other to spend more money, outdoing their fellow donor, but even if that worked one year that money was not reliable for the future and most likely someone was offended and perhaps the nonprofit lost a donor with the capacity to change their trajectory!

Star Benefit Auctions wanted to work with the Stars to take pressure off celebrities that were not trained in auctioneer but could team together to bring guest awareness to an organization while raising money in a happy easy way. Working together in harmony with skill and ease making guests feel excited.

Star Benefit Auctions was born to make the nonprofit the Star of its gala, to make the cause and the donors shine. Star Benefit Auctions was created to let the nonprofit dream of world-changing become a fundable reality. We wanted to create a company that a development team could trust with their perfect moment and help it shine.

We are so excited you are looking at our company because it means you are looking for something more. You believe, like us, that your donors are important and getting more donors means long-term success. It means making guests feel great is the best part of a gala and you believe that events are made to bring a community together for the greater good of the humankind.

Your guests all came together for 1 reason… they believe in your mission. We are excited that you don’t want to risk losing them by trusting your cause to the wrong stars.

Let's talk about how to get your missions funded and your community to grow. It's time to give the world changers the ability to make this a better universe! Send me a message below, can't wait to chat!

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