We are virtual! YES, LIKE YOU, WE WENT VIRTUAL!!!!! 


When we look back at 2020 we will think of it as a year we learned a new language.  Words we had barely used became everyday vocabulary.  Virtual gala, pivot, platform, zoom, zoom fatigue, green screen, teleprompter, chat cheerleader, pre-recorded, production, and so many more factors.   When we started March 2020 I was already on the most successful years we had ever had.  With 6 galas that all broke records that 2nd week in March we knew our packed calendar would be a fantastic one. Then we hit the brakes hard.  If I’m honest I think I’m still trying to recover from the whiplash.   We were thrown into the cancel/postpone/pivot conversation with every client partner we had.  We were tossed into the deep end and told we had to figure it out.

Luckily for us Bobby D. is our resident nerd.  He has more professional A/V equipment than I think I ever wanted to know.  He was thrilled to set up our studio! Like a tornado we had an entire professional studio (with multiple computers, screens, lights, microphones and installed green screen) set up in a flash.  He was ready for virtual galas but now we needed to figure out the best practices. 

On top of the year of a health pause we also have to face the year of a social pause.  We have always identified with the auction industry in our fundraising company but this year that changed. We realized that the historical nature of auctions and the misrepresentation of auctioneers was detrimental to our hearts and personal missions.  We had to spend time creating a new world for ourselves as well as our company.  We needed to focus on our real passion.  We want to help nonprofits create lasting meaningful relationships with donors.   Actually maybe we want to help Donors find and fund the nonprofits that shares its values and will do the work they want done to improve the world. 

This became our focus for the new world.  Star Benefit “auctions” is here to create meaningful experiences for donors as they make the gift to a nonprofit organization.  We want to help that touch be as warm and supportive as possible.  We want the feel of that first gift to be memorable and make donors excited to give again and hopefully give more.  So yes we have gone virtual.  We have created, hosted, conducted, consulted, evaluated, studied and worshipped innumerable amounts of virtual galas. We have equipment and relationships that are ready to take an organization to the virtual world.  We live, eat, sleep and breathe nonprofit so we are ready to help anyone that is learning the newest language.  We are trained lifeguards and are able to take your event on today.